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Imagination Toolbox - Creating Computer Simulations for the Classroom

The Scheller Teacher Education Program (STEP) is conducting an exciting week-long workshop in August at MIT for middle and high school science and technology teachers to learn about integrating computer modeling and games into the classroom using tested and ready-to-implement curriculum units and activities that complement existing science and technology curricula and introduce techniques that enhance student learning. In this workshop, teachers will learn and explore these computer modeling and games units using an educational software tool called StarLogo TNG, developed by STEP. StarLogo TNG is a graphical programming environment designed for teachers and students to study and create 3D games and simulations with NO PRIOR PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE.

Dates: August 10-14, 2009
PD Credit: 30 hours
Cost: $50 (covers breakfast, lunch, parking, and materials)
Eligibility Requirements:
  • 6th-11th grade level educators excited to use new technologies
  • Teaching middle school science, high school physics or biology, or technology
  • Basic computer skills. (Prior experience with computer modeling and programming is not required.)
Apply now! [June 1 deadline]

Also, Boston Public School teachers are eligible for a $500 stipend. Year-round BPS employees are not eligible for the stipend, but will have the $50 registration fee waived.

Questions? Email: imaginationtoolbox AT

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